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A Reflection of Your Independent Spirit


Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Black Owl is an independent design brand catering to sophisticated furniture buyers. The company is known for creating a new generation of steel and solid wood furniture, expertly crafted with bold geometrics and handmade detailing. Timeless designs are instilled with clean, minimalistic lines and the brutal honesty of rugged natural materials destined to become the centerpiece of any room. 

Our smart design solutions bridge the gap between high design and flat-pack furniture


 Every Black Owl item can be easily disassembled into its core components to save you space – and money – when you move or store your furniture.  

The Brutal Honesty of Natural Elements


"I always had a thing for this heavy, brutalist sort of design language."

Founder and lead designer Andrei Reshetin of Black Owl



 BRUK Armchair - Silver Award

Greenwich Table - Iron Award 


BRUK Armchair - Gold Award



BRUK Armchair - Special Mention

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What makes us unique

Innovative Solutions for Easy Transport


We know that at times you may need to relocate, and our Black Owl furniture provides exceptional durability and convenience when you pack up.  

Every Black Owl item can be easily disassembled into its core components to save you space – and money – when you move or store your furniture. 

Ethical and Sustainable Manufacturing


   Black Owl is committed to growing our furniture manufacturing business without increasing our environmental impact. As an environmentally and socially responsible company, we use only organic materials and we practice sustainable manufacturing methods in our lumber consumption. 

A Holistic Approach to Design


At Black Owl we adhere to slow design principles with our thoughtfully created furniture design methodology that promotes the well-being of the planet. We recognize the non-material nature of true happiness, and we respond by creating elegant furniture crafted from sustainable materials that grow even more beautiful with age.


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